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Does magnetic jewelry work?

October 12, 2016

Does magnetic jewelry work?

I’ve been using magnetic bracelets/cuffs, rings, dots and a quilted pad for over fifteen years now.  I know it works for me but I’d like to know if it helps you?

I discovered the benefits of magnetic therapy over fifteen years ago.  It all started with some minor aches and pains.  I was studying to be a massage therapist and during one class we were practicing a move called the sacrum press.  We have done this move a few times before but on this day I felt something shift in my sacrum (the large triangular bone that your tail bone connects with).  From that point forward my low back never felt the same.  I tried different chiropractors but all they want to do is crack my neck.  Honestly I just don’t like the sound of cracking bones so close to my ears.

Now with an achy back and a cracking neck, I was truly a mess.  Until one day I found Dr. David.  I was working as a massage therapist in a shared office space at a local hospital with Dr. David.  It was a slow day so Dr. David and I started chatting and I told him of my lower back pains.  He said “oh that’s easy to fix, get on the table”, I laid on his table faced down, he pressed gently on the left and right side of my sacrum with what looks like a giant syringe with a rubber tip.  I was cured.  No pain for one whole year until…

One night I climbed into bed and that familiar pain returned.  At first, it was a sharp pain then it settled in as an annoying ache.  I searched for Dr. David to no avail- I didn’t even know his last name.  I tried to explain to other chiropractors about the large syringe like looking device and about what Dr. David did but all they cared to do was crack my neck.  Forget it!

One afternoon I was walking down Canal Street in Chinatown, there was a Chinese man peddling some small magnets on the sidewalk.  I remember my Shiatsu teacher mentioned magnets and their abilities to heal.  The magnets were small no bigger than an eraser on a pencil.  I bought two magnets.  I taped the magnets on my lower back on the same points Dr. David had delivered his adjustments.  That evening I forgot about my ache, it was still kind of there but really dull and it didn’t bother me as much.  I was able to climb into bed and not feel that familiar twinge of pain.  A day after that it went away completely.  I left the magnets on and changed the bandage when I needed to, but the magnets were small so I inevitably lost them.  I went back to where the man sold it and he was no longer there.

I was finally able to locate something similar at the local CVS drugstore called magnadots.   They weren’t as good as the ones from Chinatown but I was so happy I found them.

Some of the hazards of studying to be a massage therapist was hand pain.  I wasn’t the best with proper body alignment so I had sore fingers and thumbs.  Lucky for me there was magnetic jewelry.  Style wise they were made to suit men more but I did not care since it provided relief for me.

For years I have been searching for a stylish, simple and sexy piece of magnetic jewelry.  I didn’t find any so I decided to design my own. 

Please do not treat this site as a substitute for medical advice.  I use magnetic jewelry as an alternative to taking ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).  
Consult your health care provider to see if this is a suitable alternative pain relief for you.   Feel good while looking good- Happy Healing!

I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below now. 

Thanks for reading!

With love,