What type of magnets are used in Michelle Tom jewelry?

Michelle Tom only uses neodymium magnets, also called rare earth magnets.


How do I care for my Magnetic Jewelry?

Michelle Tom's Fine Collection jewels are made to wear every day and on every occasion. This is why they need no extraordinary maintenance, especially if they are delicately handled and cleaned. The best tools for cleaning colored stone jewelry are a soft toothbrush or a pulsed-water dental hygiene machine, warm soapy water, and a soft, lint-free cloth.

Michelle Tom's magnetic jewelry should avoid water, for rare earth (neodymium) magnets are brittle and can chip and may rust.


Do Michelle Tom products have any side effects?

We have not received any reports from clients who have experienced adverse reactions to our products. In fact, we’ve heard only very positive responses. See our Testimonials.

Since people’s sensitivity to energy medicine varies, we suggest that you experiment to find what works for you.


What is your return policy?

We want you to love your purchase.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us within 30 days for a no-questions-asked, no-hassle refund.  See more on our return policy here.



What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is a holistic alternative to treat and ease chronic or acute aches and pain.  


Does Magnetic Therapy jewelry really work?

While there is still much debate in the medical community about the benefits of magnetics, there are large holistic and natural healing communities (including our clients) that report magnets have a significant, beneficial effect on pain levels and lifestyles.

As with all holistic healing approaches, individual results may vary and Michelle Tom cannot guarantee results.


How does Magnetic Therapy help? What types of conditions have magnets been found to help?

Generally speaking, any problem that is related to energy can be helped by magnets. Since every living organism needs energy to survive, the right type of magnetic energy will improve your health. Chronic or acute pain will slowly disappear to the point where it is no longer felt by your body.

The applied static magnet affects the body’s natural magnetic field and assist each cell in your body to re-balance and allow energy, chi or life force to flow.

The following health benefits that have been reported include:


What are the Benefits Of Wearing a Magnetic Dot or Magnetic Jewelry?

Similar to acupuncture, magnets have been shown to promote faster healing by stimulating your body to heal itself. It is non-invasive; it does not involve needles, pins, drugs or surgery. It has a sedating effect on nerve tissue, it sedates or inhibits pain, relaxes muscles and relieves stress.


What if I don't have pain but I still want to wear magnetic jewelry...are there any side effects?

There are no side effects if you wear Michelle Tom jewelry when you are not experiencing pain. Magnetic energy will continue to keep your healthy body in tip top form.


Do the Magnets have to touch my body?

No. Just wear a piece of jewelry so it’s comfortable for you. Magnetic density emanates approximately six inches away from its source.


How long does it take the magnet therapy to work?

Some people feel the first positive effects within a few days. However, others begin to feel a difference only 2–3 weeks later. This varies from individual to individual. It depends on various factors, such as for example the type of complaint(s) and the duration. Normally, the first signs that the magnet therapy is working are an increase in energy levels and an improvement in general well-being.


How much jewelry do I have to wear?

In theory, you can wear one piece and it will work on your entire body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, because our body is what is called a closed caption system (the process our body uses to move blood throughout our body) with a pump (heart).



Can Magnetic Therapy Relieve Pain?

by Richard C. Senelick, M.D. Neurologist, author, blogger and international speaker

Dr. Oz The Healing Potential of Magnets:

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Dr. Weintraub's Magnetic Insoles Study

"A scientific study by Dr. Michael Weintraub validates the use of magnetic insoles for health benefits. Magnets have been used for centuries and this study, along with many other published studies, shows that magnets-for-health can improve your life and that of many others. This double-blind, placebo-controlled medical study used Nikken magnetic insoles. The study results were published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Magazine, Vol.84 in May 2003."


Magnet Therapy - NYU Langone Medical Center

"Peripheral Neuropathy - A 4-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study of 19 people with peripheral neuropathy found a significant reduction in symptoms compared to placebo. 4 Participants wore magnetic foot insoles during the day throughout the trial period. Reduction in the symptoms of burning, numbness, and tingling were especially marked in those cases of neuropathy associated with diabetes.

Based on these results, a far larger randomized, placebo-controlled, follow-up study was performed by the same researchers. 53 This trial enrolled 375 people with peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes and tested the effectiveness of 4 months of treatment with magnetic insoles. The results indicated that the insoles produced benefits beyond that of the placebo effect, reducing such symptoms as burning pain, numbness, tingling, and exercise-induced pain."


NY Times "THE DOCTOR'S WORLD; Study on Using Magnets to Treat Pain Surprises Skeptics"

"NO ONE was more skeptical about using magnets for pain relief than Dr. Carlos Vallbona, former chairman of the department of community medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. So Dr. Vallbona was amazed when a study he did found that small, low intensity magnets worked, at least for patients experiencing symptoms that can develop years after polio."

Please Note: Michelle Tom does not claim nor imply that the magnetic devices used in any of the above described studies were manufactured and/or supplied by Michelle Tom.  FAQS: WARNINGS & DISCLAIMERS


Note that healing crystal and gemstone meanings are spiritual supports to healing, and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

All information on this website is based on the personal beliefs and experiences of Michelle Tom and its clients.  Nothing on this website should be taken to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation.  In no event will Michelle Tom be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever.  

Any self-help application is the sole responsibility of the user. As with other small objects, magnets should be kept away from children. Michelle Tom products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.