What Our Friends Are Saying

I purchased two magnets then as we discussed how my father suffers from serious low back pain.

I am happy to share that my mom has put her magnet on and can't believe the results!! She's ecstatic!! Because of this, I have been spreading the word like wildfire!

My aunt, Susan, has since ordered more than $50 dollars worth of magnets!

...I love seeing my family feel better.

Again, I cannot thank you enough & am so grateful to have met you!

Jacqueline, New York


I just wanted to let you know that those magnets worked really well. It wasn’t like they took the pain away completely, but I could definitely feel a difference as soon as I put them on. Thank you so much. Didn’t get to an acupuncture session yet, as my back has loosened up dramatically over the past few days.

I will keep on wearing them and hopefully, I can avoid any back issues in the future. I will definitely give the acupuncture a try at some point. I am willing to try anything (other than popping pills) to keep my back from being in so much pain. Thanks again! I really appreciate it.

Erik, New York


I had a terrible head injury almost four years ago where an 8lb metal handle fell from the 35th story of a building under construction and hit me on the head and left shoulder. Since then I've had terrible neck and shoulder pain. Physical therapy helped a lot but I continued to experience neck pain, neck fatigue and stiffness. After placing the magnet dots on my neck, the remaining neck pain has decreased significantly. My neck also use to jam at least once per day when I would simply twist my head from one direction to another, but I haven't had that issue since using the magnets.

–Jivan, Toronto



The Be Free Magnetic Bracelet was the perfect Christmas gift for my dad. He was having severe muscle pains on his upper right arm and had difficulties doing everyday tasks like carrying groceries and even putting on a jacket. It hurt so bad he had to stop exercising. He was skeptical when I gave him the bracelet, but he put it on anyway. The following day he said his arm felt better, and the pain completely subsided days later. He regained full movement on his arm and eight weeks later he still wears the bracelet, and the pain has not returned. Awesome stuff and awesome looking too!
– Michelle, New York


Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that I received a Be Balanced bracelet this Christmas from my sister. I've been wearing it daily since one day last week I ran out to do some errands and forgot to put the bracelet and I truly felt "Off".

I thank you for making such a wonderfully healing piece for me.
–Bridget, New York


I bought the [Be Delighted] for my niece for Christmas and 2 other styles (one for my mother and one for my sister) whom both have a serious case of arthritis. My mother had severe swelling on one hand and after a week of wearing her bracelet, the swelling went down!! I wish she would have taken before and after pictures! Now my mother's 70-year-old friends all want one too!!! My sister also suffers severe arthritis and she felt an automatic release of pressure from her joints and she also feels it has helped her sinuses! And for me? Well, I was waking up for the last several months with cramping in my hands. I just attributed the pain to lack of circulation. To my surprise, the cramping has gone away!! I purchased two bracelets more because they are so Beautiful! I wear one on each wrist and sleep with them on too! I never imagined they would have a healing effect. Magic and Miracles!
– KimMarie, New York


I don't wear any accessories but the ache in my neck & knots in my shoulders were killing me- I finally tried the Be Wrap necklace and it is amazing -everything feels looser - the ladies in my office were shocked that I had a necklace on. The best part is it's more than a beautiful necklace.
-Lisa, NYC


My trigger finger in my left thumb which caused my thumb to lock, I would have to unlock my thumb joint with my right hand and I experienced a lot of pain.

My doctor put me on steroids for pain but it didn't make the pain go away. My cousin's wife recommended magnets for my pain.

Surgery was suggested but I did not consider it.

At first I wore the magnet bracelet then a combination of the dots and magnet bracelet.

The magnets at first helped with the pain then later after a few months my thumb no longer locked. I have tennis elbow pain on right arm that I am using magnet dots and my magnet bracelet.

I have tennis elbow pain on right arm that I am using magnet dots and my magnet bracelet.

Thank you
-Melanie, OH